HTC U Ultra received its first-ever update on 5th April 2017. This has happened just a few weeks after the HTC U Ultra handset was launched in the United States and across the world.

The Vice President of the product management at HTC, Mo Versi said that the update would start on the night of 5th April itself. This will be first released in the United States. With the help of the recent update, the users can experience several benefits. This will improve the bug fixes and will include additional features on the 2nd screen. With the help of this update, the smartphone users can control the apps in an effective manner. They can customize the apps that they wish to see on the ticker screen of the phone.

The software update is already available to some of the HTC Ultra U owners in Europe. From them, we have got some information about the update. You can expect the update to be pretty big, around 638 MB. The full change is not currently available. However, it can be said that this update does not change the Android version. The smartphone will be currently running on the Android 7.0 Nougat version itself.

The new software version is 1.15.401.12 and comes with big storage unit. The HTC Sense Companion app will come pre-installed with this software update. This app will house all the AI (Artificial Intelligence) features on the handset.

With such claims, you should not be surprised to see the update coming soon on your phone as well. You can do your part of the study to welcome the update of HTC Ultra U handset. If you own an HTC Ultra, then be prepared to receive the update. Avail its benefits to the maximum!