As GDP growth of India is expected to reach on its higher-end and with multinational companies planning to expand their products and services worldwide, there was a report by an employment outlook which says that hirings regarding the blue-collar and junior level jobs are going to get better in the upcoming months. Which will thereby result in a decrease in unemployment and an increase in the number of jobs available in the market.

Besides the blue-collar and junior level jobs coming up in bulk in upcoming months there will be an increase in demand for sales and marketing roles as well

As per the biannual Employment Outlook Report (HY1-2018/19) by TeamLease Services, “a staffing company, forecasts an increase of 4 percent in the net employment outlook to 95 percent for the April-September 2018 period versus 91 percent in October-March 2017/18”.

The report states that the numbers which it had landed up are according to the surveys made after understanding the hiring procedure in more than 695 small, medium and large companies that are across 16 sectors and eight cities.

Apart from the numbers mentioned in the reports through surveys, “the net employment outlook increase also emphasize the fact that companies have come to terms with GST, and is probably moving ahead”, Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder & executive vice president of TeamLease, said.

Below are some of the findings of the report

  • The hiring sentiments are +4% for Junior, Marketing profiles, and sales jobs while an increase of +5% for Blue Collar jobs.
  • An average increase of +5 percentage for Medium sized businesses and a hike of 4 percent in terms of large businesses
  • As far as cities are concerned Mumbai is on an increase of 4% and is followed by a 3% increase toward Delhi whereas Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune grab 1 percent in their pockets. The report even showcases a decrease in percentage in some of the cities like, in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai there is a decrease in the percentage of -3,-2 and -1 respectively.
  • Besides this the report states some specific sectors that will encourage the hiring percentage regarding jobs, those are KPO hiring in sales, tech start-ups,  media & entertainment, financial services, constructions & real estate.
  • According to the reports through the manufacturing sector has bagged a noticeable recovery but still, its hiring sentiment is on the lower end.