Researchers develop new light-based chip for future computing devices

In a breakthrough, researchers have found success in transferring data using light that will take the computing to the next level. They have developed a new microprocessor chip that uses the power of light instead of electricity that drove the conventional chips. Apart from being lightning fast, the newly developed light-based chip is very compact […]

China receives first data from dark matter satellite DAMPE

China has started receiving data from its first dark matter satellite named DAMPE (Dark Matter Particle Explorer). The dark matter probe was lifted using March Long 3B rocket (China’s most powerful rocket yet) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center located in Gansu province on December 17. DAMPE has the payload of 1.9 tonnes that will […]

NASA tweets image of relatively fresh landslide on Mars

American space agency NASA has released a new image of a landslide on the Mars. What’s striking about the image is that the landslide is relatively fresh when compared to previously captured landslides. In addition, one can see boulder covered landslip along a canyon wall in the stunning image. The high-resolution breathtaking image was shooted […]

India is role model in space applications: Ex-chairman ISRO

Scientists at Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) have worked very hard and have invested more than 18 hours a day for the Chandryaan and iconic Mangalyaan missions. Their tireless efforts in making those missions a success story are commendable as well as inspirational, said Ex ISRO chief K. Radhakrishnan while addressing students and professors at […]

Microsoft announces Lumia 550 smartphone in India at Rs. 9399

As The Inquisitr News earlier reported, the Lumia 550 smartphone has been launched in the Indian smartphone market, soon after its worldwide announcement. Also, as expected earlier the handset will be available in the country at a price of Rs. 9,399. Microsoft Lumia 550 with 4G LTE is the cheapest smartphone running on the latestWindows […]

Closest ever habitable exoplanet in goldilocks zone discovered 14 light years away

While searching for habitable planets outside our galaxy, astronomers have found an exoplanet in the goldilocks zone that can hold life. Located at just 14 light years away, it is the closest planet discovered in the goldilocks zone. In addition, the exoplanet is four times the size of the Earth and is revolving around a […]

Donut-shaped disks around supermassive black holes aren’t smooth but clumpy

Scientists in the past thought that thick donut-shaped disks of gas and dust clouds that surround supermassive black holes are smooth. However, a new study has countered the old theory and says that clouds made of gas and dust particles around the supermassive black holes are ‘clumpy’. Previously, scientists didn’t know about any gas like […]

Guinness Record: 2000 Indian students participate in science experiment in IIT

Another Guinness record has been made by Indian students when 2000 students from the Delhi-NCR schools participated in a science experiment lesson held at II-Delhi on December 7. In the 65-minute long experiment, professors taught how to decolourise methylene blue and decompose hydrogen peroxide. What makes this feat more memorable is that it is for […]