Infosys Is Planning To Open 4 New Tech Centers In the USA, Will Hire 10,000 American Workers

Visa problem will take a toll on Indian IT professionals’ dream jobs in the USA. Indian IT giant Infosys is planning to hire American workers for their offices in the USA. Infosys is planning to open four more offices in North America. They will hire about 10k employees for their new branches in the USA. […]

Snapdeal authorities are meeting today to convince Nexus Venture on stake sale

Snapdeal authorities are meeting today to discuss a huge deal for their company. If everything goes well then the two Indian e-commerce giants, Snapdeal and Flipkart, would join hands very soon. But it is not going to as easy as it sounds. Snapdeal is planning to push its business further. But they need the approval […]

Samsung leading Indian smartphone market with 26% share in the first quarter of 2017

India has the largest markets for many electronic types of equipment. More and more companies are entering this vast market to maximize their share in it. Smartphones are one of those electronic devices that are growing in demand. In India, this trend is increasing with every passing year. Many smartphone manufacturers are focusing on this […]

Kia Motors to invest $1.1 billion in India, Sign MOU to build its manufacturing unit in Andhra Pradesh

Kia Motors, the subsidiary firm of South Korean auto giant Hyundai Motor Group has agreed to invest $1.1 Billion (Rs. 12800 Crores) in India to build its manufacturing unit. They have already signed a MoU with Andhra Pradesh Government. This facility will be developed near Eramanchi, Andhra Pradesh. Kia Motors is in the process of being […]

Imported smartphones could get expensive by 5-10% as Government plans to levy customs duty

India is already among the technological giants and is further working hard to strengthen its position. The government policies, to make India digital, are proving fruitful. The government has recently announced a customs duty on the import of smartphones. Financial experts are thinking it a good decision. It will not only increase the revenue but […]

Snapdeal sale to Flipkart: Kalaari Capital and SoftBank join hands to support sale

The first decade of the 21st century is remarkable for the advancement in the field of online marketing and sales. This trend is still growing at a very fast speed. New changes are daily emerging in the online marketplace. Recently, a business deal related to the sale of Snapdeal to Flipkart has come in the […]

US blamed Infosys and TCS for cheating in H-1B lottery to illegally corner lion’s share of visas

Reportedly, the US has blamed the Indian IT giants TCS and Infosys for illegally cornering the lion’s share of H-1B visas. These companies are said to have put extra tickets in the lottery system. The US government led by Trump is willing to change this process with a more merit-based system. As per the reports, […]

Gartner Report: India to account for 62% of total smartphones sales by 2018

As per the recent survey was done by Gartner, India to account 62% of overall smartphone sales by 2018. This will be really a massive growth for the mobile market in India. The recent 4G rollout and Digital India movement have helped to achieve this landmark. As per the report, due to aggressive 4G network […]

Paytm might Raise More than $1 Billion from SoftBank: Move will reduce the Influence of Alibaba

Huge capital flows had been raining into the startup industry of the country. This was followed by a dry spell that occurred in the country during the last year. Last week, Flipkart had announced that it would raise around $1.4 billion from the overseas investors. It is now time for another startup to follow the […]