SAHARANPUR: On a request of his mother, the founder of the Bhim Army, Chandrashekhar was released from Saharanpur jail at around 2.40 am. As per the UP police, the founder was arrested in June 2017 due to the clashes of castes in Saharanpur located in western UP which resulted in the death of one while many got injured.

Chandrashekhar has been in jail since June 2017 and has completed his fifteen months before he got released. Chandrashekhar was booked under the National Security Act and was to be released in November, UP police added.

The police also revealed that Chandrashekhar has been released due to “changed circumstances” as his mother has requested the police department to release him.

The Bhim Army founded by Chandrashekhar got popular among the Scheduled Castes when it was set up around three years ago in Saharanpur. Besides this, some 300 pathshalas or schools were also been run by the Bhim Army which resulted in the development and education of the children from the caste.

When police were in search of Mr Chandrashekhar in order to arrest him, a Rs. 12,000 was declared as a reward to the one who can come up with any information regarding the founder of the Bhim Army. The police tracked down Chandrashekhar police in Dalhousie, a hill resort in Himachal Pradesh. Besides this, various interviews were also given by Mr Chandrashekhar from various hideouts to media.

Though there has been no response from the side of BJP it could be a move to overcome the influence of Bahujan Samaj Party in the western parts of the UP regarding the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

The time at which Mr Chandrashekhar has been released is quite crucial for him as it can give him the space to reclaim political capital among his community again. Until now, no hint or statement has been passed by his organization regarding any kind of alliance with the BSP or the opposition parties in the state.

The previous year, Mayawati concluded the Bhim Army to be a part of Bhartiya Janta Party, which was targeting BSP on the directions of BJP and was making attempts to forge an alliance of all castes in UP.