Indian Government has implemented strict regulations for selling tobacco in the country. The Ministry of Health has implied all the tobacco sellers to register their shops. The new regulation also states that the tobacco sellers will not sell candies, chocolates, and drinks. The regulation will help to stop the exposure of young children to the tobacco. The tobacco sellers will get their shops registered with municipal bodies. This will make it easy to trace any tobacco shop in the city. Through their location, the government can locate the shops near educational institutions.

In 2003, the Indian government also made a law to regulate the use of tobacco and its products. This law prohibited the setting up of any tobacco shop within 100 yards of educational institutions. In 2015, the government brought a juvenile act to punish the lawbreakers. According to this act, any person committing this crime of setting up tobacco shop within 100 yards would suffer imprisonment. This imprisonment may last for seven years.

A global survey in 2015 showed India in the list of top 10 countries with more smokers. This shows that the number of tobacco smokers in India is increasing at an alarming rate. Most of these smokers include children and youths. The medical research has also proved that tobacco smoking is the cause of more than 50% cancer cases across the world.

Most of the parents and anti-tobacco activists are happy with this regulation. Still, some believe that it would give legal protection to tobacco sellers. They would get a license to sell tobacco. But, most of the people are sure that this mechanism will decrease the number of smokers in the country.