Search Engine Giant Google has announced that it has removed about 700,000 apps from Android play store. Google has identified these malicious apps with the help of machine learning technology. The company had also removed many apps in 2016. But, the percentage of removal of apps in 2017 is 70% greater than the previous year. Google is trying to save its Android users from any kind of deceiving apps. The machine learning identifies the apps with bad content and blocks them before anybody installs such applications. The company also says that it blocks the ID of the developers.

Here, one thing worth mentioning is that Google Play Protect is running on about 2 billion devices across the world. This makes it one of the largest app scanners of the world. The Android operating system performs the scan from time to time. The users can also scan their devices at any time. It is important to mention that bad apps contain malware, pornographic content, and violent and illegal content.

Google has also removed many potentially harmful applications that try to send back the users data to servers of the developers of those apps. Earlier, there were many apps that used text messaging techniques to deceive the users. These apps used to send SMS to various contact without the knowledge of the users. Google had removed 30 apps in August. These apps were trying to perform DDoS attacks. Google has also removed about 60 apps at the start of this month. Many of these apps were for children and had pornography content.

Google says that it will continue to upgrade its security systems through latest machine learning models. Google had removed about 250,000 apps in 2016. There were many apps that were tricking the users to install other apps.