Keeping yourself updated is one of the biggest tasks on this date. However, to help the persons who fail to watch the news on TV for their hectic schedule, Internet news was introduced. Google news also played a part in assisting the viewers in staying updated with the happenings in the world. Google News is the most viewed internet news service. Google invites thousands of publishers, small or big to share the traffic with their breaking news.

These publishers also provide exciting and unique contents. As per the information from an expert in Google News, the small publishers also manage a healthy living being a part of their News team. The expert was asked a few questions, and he gave much more information. The information really will make you believe that Google gives a lot of concern to its viewers. The information provided by the expert is discussed below.

Few questions asked to the expert by the interviewer are mentioned below:

What is the critical element that makes Google Newsstand out in the race?

Google News is making sure for its subscribers experience hassle-free surfing of news. The users must get accurate and exact news they are searching for on Google takes care that every news that user searches should be updated in Google News and then in other sites. The search users have access to get the latest news from the best publishers. The policy that Google follows is that it selects quality publishers and the latest news are categorized, indexed and are added to the search results.

The sections of Google News are clearly categorized for their news, stories, and articles. It is hassle-free, you want to jump into entertainment, and you definitely can. The real answer to the question is that Google hires its publishers with much consideration. Some requirement criteria set by Google needs are mandatory to fulfil. However, this makes Google Newsstand out because other service providers do not entertain quality hiring. Therefore, Google News is much relevant than others.

How many sites are indexed with Google News?

Google’s figures change very frequently. For the latest check done, the count of websites is around 60,000. The Google News algorithm indexes these websites. But as it is stated, Google’s figures update every minute.

Why does Google reject some publishers?

The answer to this question is stated in the solution of the first. There are specific requirements that are set by Google. This criterion needs to be fulfilled for a publisher to be accepted by Google. These requirements are not open to the applicants. However, this is again a strategy to test the skills of the publishers and not the prepared publishers. , and that get them rejected.

Is the purchase of Google News legal, if it is done from other publishers?

This question is much needed to be answered as it is the query of the users. The people who are joined with Google News will understand this. Google acceptance is based on the content being published and the site. There are specific guidelines for analyzing the technicality and the quality of the content. The quality check includes editorial requirements, authors, etc. Moreover, it is clear now that Google acceptance is based on content quality and the site.

One situation occurs frequently, and Google has a solution for it. If a new owner buys the website and he/she might fail to follow the guidelines. Now, this will lead to their de-listing from Google. If the site continues to support the instruction and give the required work, then they will stay with Google. The legality of the Google News site states that it does not hamper the ownership of the site, the owner can anytime sell his/her website.

No prohibition is made to the owners of the site. The new owner who takes on the website can choose to stay with Google or leave. The entire business organization will stand illegal if Google forces the site owners to stay with it. Buying Google news is counted as a business transaction. For the answer to the question, there is nothing illegal in purchasing or selling sites.

How are Google News approved sites found?

Google takes part in many business acquisition services. The businesses are published for the site owners to know. After publishing, the applications come in. They are filtered and acquired then. They are then sold as Google News approved sites.

Selling of too many Google approved sites will raise the bar of competition. Isn’t it true?

It is evident with the authorities and the officials that no site will be approved and sold randomly. A process called, the screening process is done to examine the eligibility of the buyer. This process follows some criteria. The criteria to judge the buyer’s background include journalism experience, editorial team, and experience with Google News and content quality. No site is given as approved until they fulfil the criteria. Good sites will compete.

What are the charges for a Google News site?

The charges vary with traffic generated and the domain name of the site. The price will be high if the domain name will be unaffected. The traffic on the website will decide the amount. Higher pay will be charged for high traffic. The revenue of the site also is a vital element. The price will be high for the site with high income. Google has a contact email id; by contacting one can get the pricing details. If you want to buy google news approved websites, the email id will be

How long the process takes to complete?

Firstly all the details are checked, and the buyer should fall within the required criteria with the successful screening process. If all the procedures are successfully done without any defaulter, then the process is completed within three days.

These were the critical questions asked to the Google expert, and the answers given by him are well justified. Google News serves quality and therefore is rising above all. The knowledge shared by the expert with the audience is extraordinary. People will trust Google over other news service providers as now they know Google inside and out.

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