Google is a tech giant who remains in the news for most of the time. It is one of the largest Search Engines in the world, and it hosts millions of websites. AdSense is one of the famous services offered by this tech giant. It tends to change its policies from time to time. Most of these policies relate to the security issues.

Google has now released two new updates for its AdSense partners. These will help to manage the policy violations in Adsense network. The first update is the introduction of a new “Policy Center”. This policy center will help the content creator to understand the violations. The content creator can check the whole page and trace out the violations. This policy center will become a publishers’ hub and will make the whole process transparent.

The Policy Center also contains instructions that help the publishers to remove the issues with their website. Google claims of testing this feature with thousands of publishers. The Search Engine says that this update is issued after suggestions and opinions from many publishers.

Earlier, Google used to remove the entire website from the platform when a policy violation is detected. But now, it has changed the policy. According to the new policy, Google will now only remove the advertisements from the page with violations. It will not block the whole website. But, if the website breaks the policy multiple times, Google has full rights to remove it from the partnership of using Adsense or to block it.

It is a lot beneficial for the publishers because they can earn from the website excluding that page. Google also earns from the advertisements on the pages with no violation.

The company has asked its partners to visit the official page frequently for any updates. It says that the company makes changes into policies from time to time. Thus, it is mandatory for all the partners to read out and to abide those policies. This will make Google a more secure platform alongside being a good source of earning.