Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is battling through Pancreatic Cancer and was admitted in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. On Tuesday, he chaired the first meeting at his residence since he got discharged. The meeting was held with the Investment Promotion Board, sources revealed.

CM Manohar got discharged from AIIMS on 14th October and was not seen in public since then due to his health condition. Congress officials alleged that Parrikar’s signature was being forged on official files and asked the government to demand a video proof of his health condition. The meeting that was hosted at his residence was mounting speculation on his health condition.

After meeting the Chief Minister at his residence, Minister of Information Technology Rohan Khaunte told our sources about CM’s health condition that CM Parrikar is very good. Rohan also added, “CM’s health is good and he had chaired the meeting effectively. We held a one-on-one and a group meeting for half an hour which itself shows the health status of CM Parrikar. Manohar has given us certain directions on what is to be done and how we need to go about it. Also, these type of meetings will be held regularly”, Rohan Khaunte added.

“We have complained (to the police) that there is apprehension that somebody is forging his signatures. We have only made known our apprehensions about a crime that can happen. The file goes (to the CM’s office), Krishnamurthy (principal secretary to the chief minister) says, ‘I have spoken to the CM and he has approved the files.’ We do not know whether this is authentic,” Said Congress legislator Reginaldo Lourenço.

Since August, Chief Minister chaired a meeting on Wednesday with the State cabinets. Besides this, the Chief Minister earlier chaired a meeting of Goa’s Investment Promotion Board through video conferencing. Our sources have reported that Congress demanded for a video clip as a proof whether CM held a meeting via video conferencing or not. CM held a meeting at his residence with the board members after the above incident took place, says sources.