Search engine giant Google seems all set to bring new and innovative features to its Gmail app. Gmail is one of the most popular apps of Google available both for desktop and Mobile devices. Here, it is pertinent to mention that Google is going to release a major update to web Gmail. This update will enable billions of people across the world to enjoy its new features. Although the company has said nothing about the launch date, yet it has confirmed that it is working on a major update. The official sources of the company say that they are working on a major update. It is in the initial stage and the company needs some more time for its development.

The leaked reports suggest that Google is bringing a lot of peculiar features to Gmail. One of the best features is ‘Confidential Mode’. This mode will increase the privacy of the emails. It will prohibit recipients from forwarding any received email. After updating Gmail, the recipients would be unable to print, copy, and download the content in the inbox. The update will also bring ‘smart reply’ feature to the app. It will enable the users to reply emails through a small window on your desktop. In short, we can say that Gmail on the web will be much like Gmail on mobiles.

There will also be a self-destruct mode in this new update. Now, the app will automatically delete the emails that remain unread or unattended for a long time. There are also reports that Google is also bringing some changes in the design of the app. Earlier, Google had revamped the app in 2011 to bring many new features.

Now, Google has said nothing about the launch date. But, we can hope that Google will launch this update on 8th May in its annual developers’ conference.