Facebook has come up with its messenger application on Windows 10 which is being updated and now you can place voice and video calls just exactly the way you do it on Android and IOS versions of the messaging platform. Now it is easier for users to call from the app itself. Earlier they used to make voice and video calls from the web version of Messenger or Facebook.com, but now with this update, it is easy to make calls.

Although the desktop app will not allow users to send messages or set reminders to the contact, when the call is coming, it allows notifications for incoming calls. It is same as Android or IOS apps; the chat icon is exactly at the right corner of your screen on the Windows 10 app which glows green when the contact is active.

Facebook spokesperson report about this feature which started rolling earlier this month as cited by Venture Beat. Users will get the option of video capture on the call or mute on their desktop versions as similar to their mobile versions of the app.

If the other person is not available to take up the call, there is an option of sending voicemail, plus users will be asked to rate the quality of their call after it ends.

Desktop version does have group voice call feature, but group video calls feature is not working, as per Venture Beat. The feature of group call was introduced earlier in this year in Messenger app, where you can make a group call up to 50 people. Still, this Facebook Messenger app doesn’t support video or voice call for windows phone.

A Spanish website has reported that Facebook has updated WhatsApp with video calling feature for Windows phone. The social media giants, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, have one billion monthly active users which makes them the biggest players in mobile messaging.