AHMEDABAD: On Wednesday, Patidar leader Hardik Patel ended his indefinite hunger strike after completing the 19th day of the strike. After ending the hunger strike, Hardik said that the fight regarding the poor farmers and reservation for the Patidar community will be continued from his side.

In order to end the hunger strike, Hardik Patel accepted the lime water and coconut water which was offered to him by the leaders of the Patidar community.

The sources said that Hardik Patel on Twitter informed in advanced to his followers that he is going to end his indefinite fast at 3 PM on Wednesday.

Since 25th of August, Hardik Patel has been on an indefinite hunger strike in order to fulfil his demands regarding the reservations for his Patel community in government jobs and educational institutions and the waivers of farmers. One more demand that he placed against his hunger strike was to release Alpesh Kathiriya who was jailed for sedition charges.

“This is only out of respect for you elders. To show everyone that you are our elders and that we respect you, that we are all united. Now that my community elders are with me, I have nothing to worry or fear. The belief is that if we live, we shall fight and if we fight, we shall live”,  Patidar leader Hardik Patel said at his residence.

Patidar leader also said that it is the achievement of his hunger strike which made the leaders of all the six Patidar bodies to came together for his sake.

Indicating that he was not going to lie low, Patel continued, “If one speaks, one is dubbed anti-national and if one doesn’t one is dismissed off as dumb. I think it is better to be called an anti-national and fight for our rights rather than be mute. I am a horse, I am not going to be bogged down. I have been recharged by my 19-day fast and now is time to run for the coming 19 years,” he said.

As per the sources, when Hardik ended the hunger strike, the leaders of Khodaldham and Umiyadham which are the two highest religious places of Leuva and Kadva Patidars in Gujarat were present at the time.

Khodaldham Leader, Naresh Patel told media that everything is possible if Hardik is there and we will have everything, but if he is not there then we have nothing.

On the other hand leader of Umiyadham institution, CK Patel said that Hardik has decided to break his 19- day hunger strike on the request of leaders so it is not less than a “golden” day.