New Delhi:  On Wednesday The Supreme Court had made pressure over the Centre and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for not being able to protect and maintain the historic monument, Taj Mahal. Regarding this The Supreme Court has issued a warning as it will either “shut it down” or authorities should take the warning seriously and should restore the historical structure.

As per the sources, the court has revealed its unhappiness regarding Uttar Pradesh government not being able to achieve its vision to protect the Taj Mahal. A bench shared by Justice Madan B. Lokur and Justice Deepak were found upset with the centre and the authorities as no fruitful steps have been taken by them in order to preserve such a wonderful and historic monument, said one of our sources.

“There is absolutely no willingness to protect the Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal has to be protected. Either we will shut it down or you demolish or restore it. Do you realise the loss caused to the country due to your apathy? Eighty million go to watch Eiffel Tower which looks like a TV Tower. Our Taj is more beautiful. If you had looked after it your foreign exchange problem would have been solved”, observed the bench.

The court further added by comparing the historic monument with the Eiffel Tower and said that Our Taj is more beautiful than the Eiffel Tower and it has the capability to solve the foreign exchange problem that the country is facing nowadays.

Some time back, a draft of vision document in context with the protection and preservation of the Mughal structure was to be submitted by The Uttar Pradesh government to The Supreme Court. The main purpose of these documents was to preserve the Historic monument Taj Mahal that was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Regarding this, the bench asked the government to elaborate on the details and the steps that have been taken by them in order to Protect the Taj Mahal. The court even said that the hearing for the same will take place on July 31 on a day-to-day basis.

The Uttar Pradesh government had confidently explained the situation to the bench of the Supreme court that they had tried their best possible ways in order to take care of the environment that surrounds the structure. The government further explained that they have not only protected the monument from the ill-effects of polluting gases and deforestation around the area but have also prohibited the expansion of industrial units in the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ). The UP government giving their final verdict said that they have made their best possible efforts so that the historic monument would be a part of our country not for a generation but for 400 years.