On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that the economy of the country is “progressing rapidly”. He said that with the current growth rate, the Indian economy will soon overtake that of the United Kingdom. PM Modi said this while he was addressing a public meeting in Satapar village of Kutch.

PM Modi in the earlier part of the day inaugurated three gas infrastructure projects worth Rs 6,216 crore. While addressing the public meeting, Modi also talked about the recently inaugurated Sikkim airport and conveyed that in the previous year the number of people that travelled from aeroplanes were more as compared to the people who travelled with air-conditioned coaches of the Railways. This shows that India is growing at a fast pace, he added.

Besides this, PM Modi informed that after 60 years of Independence the airlines of the country had 400 aeroplanes with them but orders for 900 aeroplanes have been placed by the government in the past four years. India is progressing at a fast pace in terms of economic growth and the day won’t be far when the economy of India will overtake that of Britain’s, he added.

As per the sources, PM Modi on Sunday inaugurated three gas infrastructure projects. These were:- a greenfield liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal at Mundra port, Anjar-Mundra pipeline to evacuate gas from the terminal in Mundra, and Phase-I of the Mehsana-Bhatinda gas pipeline. The gas infrastructure project is an initiative by the government to install another 15,000-km network of gas pipelines to the existing network under the National Gas Grid, sources revealed.

After inaugurating the gas projects, PM Modi talked about the 10 crore new LPG connections which will soon be provided by the government and the efforts that the NDA government is making to electrify 18,000 villages.

Modi added, “Energy availability is precondition to development. Energy poverty cannot lift a country out of (economic) poverty. If a country wants to get rid of poverty, make progress and wants to become a rich and prosperous nation, energy is inevitable. Without energy, even a mobile phone cannot be recharged… The gas pipelines originating from Gujarat will transmit gas to places where urea plants will be set up and help meet the urea demand by farmers. This energy will help change the fortunes of farmers. To translate dreams of the youth of the country into reality, this energy will create employment opportunities. This energy will help come out of yesterday and dream about tomorrow.”