It is a known fact that walnuts are a lot beneficial for mental health. But now, a new study reveals that eating walnuts may help to control appetite. The researchers say that eating walnuts affects a particular part of the brain called Insula. This new study has appeared in Journal Diabetes, Obesity, and Metabolism. The researchers say that eating walnuts affects that part of the brain which controls hunger. Thus, the walnuts are also appetite suppressor. They also develop a feeling of fullness in the brain and, thus, control overeating.

This study team researched at Clinical Research Centre of BIMC. The leading researcher of the team says that people often express feelings of fullness after eating walnuts. But, the changing activity in a particular part of the brain has surprised the researchers. They have noticed certain changes taking place in the part of the brain related with food cues. To observe this change in a better way, they have used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

The researchers have conducted experiments on ten persons. These ten persons were living in BIMC’s clinical research centers. The team gave them the food rich in walnuts for the first five-day session. Their food consisted of about 48g walnut contents. They saved the images of their brains through functional magnetic resonance imaging.

In the second session of five days, they gave them the Walnut free food with same taste. Again the team took the brain images through fMRI. These images clearly showed the changes occurring in the activity of the brain. The images were taken after eating walnut rich food and the images taken after eating walnut free food showed the change in mental activity. The study reveals that Insula has involvement in some cognitive activities of the brain. This is the part which helps in paying attention to desirable foods.