New studies said that YouTubers have become an inspiration for children, since children prefer to start a career as an influencers instead become astronauts.

According to LEGO, the American toy company, almost a third of the children indicated that they wanted to be YouTubers above the practice of astronomical sciences, of the latter only comprised 11%. Three thousand children between eight and 12 years of age were surveyed from the United States, United Kingdom and China, as well as 326 parents with children aged between five to 12 years.

For this reason, Adolfo Lora, YouTube’s digital celebrity in the Dominican Republic, says that today it makes sense for children to think like this and that it’s a reality at this point, thanks to the new information and communication technologies. “Everyone, absolutely everyone, from small and more since the Z generation, we have phones from the age of five”, says Lora.

“We are located to all kinds of interaction and a whole world without borders that allows us to know how easy it is to do many of the things we see on the Internet, such as creating content on social networks by talking or doing the things that I like and understanding that I can win money with it”, add the youtuber, with the assurance that today, more than ever, you can live from doing hobbies and earn money for it.

“I always loved to make jokes in my city, understanding how civilians behave in the streets. I’ve always been a restrained joker, that is, I try not to overdo or take me for the taste that is born in me, but to make jokes without hurting anyone, understanding that this is what audiences like today”, says the celebrity Dominican digital, who always gets comments that allow him to continue creating those kind of contents, such as what they do with jokes.

Lora has a degree in Broadcast Media, with a concentration in Audiovisual Production from the Pontifical Catholic University Mother and Teacher (PUCMM), in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, one of the most prolific universities in the country. Lora urges that “although making content for YouTube consists of having cameras and recording yourself, you shouldn’t dispense with knowledge at the film level.”

“Studying broadcasting and understanding the cinematographic shots, pre-production, production, post-production and working in a team has made me what I am today”, says Lora, adding that he has also “had to do scripts”, letting you understand that your productions are not a matter of improvisation”.

The Dominican playboy, as some call him, is important to study the careers of Communication, Cinematography, Multimedia Production and Photography, and take modules in Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, in order to be a true youtuber, since in this trade Only professionals will go afloat.

“Creating content is one thing and keeping your audience is another,” says the Dominican youtuber, assurance that you shouldn’t only have the professional skills but also ethics. Mentions being “responsible”, “humble”, “affable”, “partner”, among other qualities.

Adolfo highlights “responsibility” as a greater value. “If you say that you are going to deliver your product three times during the week, you have to feel obligated to correspond to your audience with what you promised”, says Lora, ensuring that today’s hearings are very thorough and attentive to unpunctualities.

“Today’s audience doesn’t forgive. They’ll always have an ace up their sleeve at the time you fail”, says Lora, while adding “they forget you as a human being with defects, someone who can fail. They understand that you are a content-producing machine and they really must see you that way”. With this, the youtuber wants to say that doing this work “can be as complicated as being an astronaut, only without numbers, unless the terms of monetization are going to be treated”.

The Dominican video creator invites everyone who wishes, one day, to be recognized as greater creators, to like it first because they make videos on YouTube, second, not to think about profits, since that comes by default as long as you do what you really do like, and third, study tirelessly, in order to professionalize and deliver a valuable product that identifies both, the youtuber and the audience that follows it and subscribes to its content.