Tuesday was a sad day for users of Myetherwallet (MEW) as many of them have lost their funds. This worlds famous ether wallet suffered DNS attack yesterday. Many of the users of this wallet reported that they had found a suspicious activity while accessing this web-based wallet. Later, they found that they had lost $152,000 worth of ether coins. The company had quickly issued a warning for its customers. Within 15 minutes of this hacking, the company had traced it and issued a warning to the users. After that, the users took to social media to tell that they have lost their funds.

Clicking Myetherwallet app either took the users to phishing sites or to invalid connection certificates. The lead developer of Myetherwallet has warned the users to avoid using this wallet through Google Public DNS. He further explained that the attack was not on their side. Instead, the hackers have hijacked DNS servers. These hijacked servers are leading the users to bad servers that can steal their private keys.

The company has started to shuffle the affected funds. It is also breaking the funds into smaller increments with the help of data stored in the blockchain. The company is storing these little increments in different wallets. The company had noted 179 inbound transactions. The CEO of the company says that all the DNS servers are resolving back to their correct addresses. But still, he requested the users to wait another hour or two before using their wallets.

The CEO also praises Google for fixing the issue in very short time. He further says that almost all the secured sites are prone to such attacks in this world. He expresses hope that MEW team will soon convince the users to use hardware wallet. Google has given no comments on this hijacking of DNS servers.