The planets in our Solar System are the core studies topics for researchers. They have already given many details about Mars and the Moon. Now, the researchers have told the world that there are abundant solid diamond rains on Uranus and Neptune. The main factor behind this making of diamonds is the extreme pressure which splits the carbon atoms. Earlier, the researchers have proved that the center of the Jupiter is all filled with diamonds.

The researchers say that the atmosphere of Uranus and Neptune are rich with Methane. This Methane consists of four hydrogen atoms and one carbon atom. The extreme pressure on the planets breaks these methane molecules. As a result, the carbon atoms get free. The pressure on these atoms further crushes and change these into diamonds. The size of diamonds is a billionth of a meter.

The astrophysicists have conducted the new research at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California. The journal Nature Astronomy has published the results of this research. According to the journal, the researchers have used an Optical and an X-ray to create the similar conditions like on Uranus and Neptune. They have passed these rays through the hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. The chemical reaction needed the pressure 1.5 million times of Earth’s atmospheric pressure.

The temperature used for these chemical reactions was 8500 degree Fahrenheit. Under all such conditions, the diamonds began to form. This chemical reaction can last only for a fraction of a second. The researchers say that we can find similar conditions 6000 miles into Uranus and Neptune. Still, the center of the planets is about 10000 miles away. The researchers further say that these diamonds are sinking into the center of the planets for thousands of years. But, the team says that these diamonds are bigger and long lasting.