Haryana government has filed an FIR against Fortis hospital Gurgaon. This is due to the death of a Dengue patient. There are reports that Fortis hospital had admitted a seven years girl in September. The girl had symptoms of dengue fever. The girl died after 15 days of treatment at the hospital. The news spread after her father posted medical bills of the hospital on social media. The bills shared on the social media show that the hospital had charged Rs 16 lakh for 15 days of treatment. The state government has started action against the hospital.

The committee formed for probing the matter has submitted its report. The report says that there is no obvious negligence visible during the girl’s stay at the hospital. But, the discontinuation of drugs and not providing a well-equipped ambulance for her shifting show negligence. Such a patient needs an ICU like environment during shifting.

The father of girl has also lodged a complaint against the hospital. The police station has filed the FIR under section 304(2) of Indian Penal Code. The ACP of police says that they will include further charges after inquiry. The initial report shows that the hospital has charged an extra Rs.12,000 on platelets.

The ministry has ordered to remove the hospital from the government panel. They have also ordered to cancel the lease of the land given to the hospital. The district administration has also started an inquiry under the epidemic act.

Civil government has also started actions against the hospital. This is because the pharmacy also lacks certain prerequisites. Moreover, the blood bank is also facing allegations of over-charging in platelets. There are also chances of cancellation of its license too.

The hospital management has refuted the charges. They say the hospital used to provide daily medical bills to the patient’s family.