JAMMU: Being scared from the preparations of BJP to form a government in the state, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has warned the party saying that such an attempt to break her party and keep her away from the power of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) will lead to serious consequences.

During a conversation with media, Mehboba Mufti said, ”Delhi’s attempt to split the PDP will give birth to separatists like Yasin Malik and Syed Salahuddin. Any attempt to break PDP will only lead to a 1987-like situation”

Few weeks after BJP suddenly ended the relations with the People’s Democratic Party in order to pull out of the ruling coalition government in J&K, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti came into action and conversed with media about the same and even warned BJP about the consequences for the actions they have been working upon. Mehbooba Mufti addressed the media regarding the matter without indicating or taking the name of Bhartiya Janta Party though her words completely made it clear that she was giving a direct warning to the saffron party.

Regarding BJP ending connections with the party, Mufti earlier had already warned the party and said that any kind of activity that will be undertaken by the BJP  and will prove disloyalty to her party “will erode the trust of the Kashmiris in Indian democracy”.

Mufti said this in a response of the news that she has been hearing about BJP trying to plant a split in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)  so that the party can form a government in the J&K.

In response to  Mehbooba Mufti’s statement,  general secretary of BJP and its pointsman for Jammu and Kashmir, Ram Madhav, has opposed all the reports which say that his party was working against PDP to form a government with the help of a number of  MLAs from other parties.

According to our news sources, as soon as the  BJP pulled itself out of the coalition government in J&K, it resulted in the imposition of  Governor’s Rule in the state and the assembly was put under suspended animation for the same. Since than rebellion from various MLAs and MLC have been faced by the PDP.

Frequent meetings in Srinagar between former separatist leader Sajjad Lone and BJP leaders in the presence of Ram Madhav have given a noticeable rise to the Political temperatures in the state.