Delhi Police become the first ever police to recruit an all-woman Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. It has recruited women for anti-terrorist operation. The SWAT team has 36 commandos in it.

The Union Minister Rajnath Singh appreciated the step and said: “They will be deployed during the upcoming Independence Day celebrations,”.

Lieutenant governor Anil Baijal, Delhi police commissioner Amulya Patnaik and other senior officers summoned for the event.

Rajnath Singh who presided the recruitment ceremony said:“The 36 women SWAT commandos have undergone a rigorous 15-month training programme that includes basic, commando and advanced honing of skills under the tutelage of National Security Guard trainers. Delhi Police have raised the commandos for anti-terrorism duty under the special cell unit of the force.”

The Union Minister asked the Delhi police to become role model for other state’s police. He asked them to grip the terror residing in the state. The best practice should be the part of Delhi Police.

The Minister also shared about the changes needed in the police department. He asked senior officers to accompany juniors while patrolling and to accomplish a public friendly approach.

Mr. Singh said:“construction of new complexes strengthen the basic infrastructure of the department and provide personnel with new energy to fulfill their duties.” after inaugurating the office of deputy commissioner of police, Delhi Police residential complex and Cantt police station.

He informed about increased fund allocation for Delhi Police. It had increased from Rs 6,378.18 crore in 2017-18 to Rs 7,426.98 crore in 2018-19  which labels for 15% increase. He said that people expect a lot from the Delhi Police to curb criminal activities. The govt increased the fund to ensure the modern workplace and a good working environment which would help them to come up to the expectation people.

He said that govt had provided the best facilities and pieces of equipment to ensure the decrease in crime rate. The govt had sanctioned fund for the Crime Unit and it even provided 2,700 hand-held devices with SIM card for constables.

He even shared that recruitment of 12,000 additional personnel in the Delhi Police had been under consideration and it had already granted for 3,139. The govt had even created the post for the crime branch to ensure grip over criminal activities.