On Thursday, A 26-year-old ‘kanwariya’ who is said to be involved in the Delhi’s Moti Nagar car vandalizing case earlier in the week has been arrested by the Delhi police. The police department said that the 26-year-old ‘kanwariya’ has a criminal past besides his involvement in the activity.

Deputy commissioner of police (west), Vijay Kumar revealed the name of the Kanwariya as Rahul alias Billa who is a resident of west Delhi’s Uttam Nagar. Kumar further told media that Rahul with no education on his back is an unemployed person who has earlier been jailed for theft and other small crimes in the National Capital Region.

“He was out on bail in a theft case registered in 2014. He had spent six-seven months in jail back then,” said the DCP.

Our sources said that, On Tuesday, Rahul and other kanwariyas vandalised a car in Moti Nagar after one of the kanwariyas got hit by the car whose driver was a woman. Regarding this the footage was captured in a CCTV camera of a nearby shop in which kanwariyas were attacking the car with sticks, smashing its windscreens and windows and overturned the car which caused a huge traffic jam. The video regarding the incident later got viral, said sources.

Police, after making an arrest regarding the incident revealed that Rahul was traveling alone and did not have any kind of a relationship with the kanwariya that got hit by the car. It was the CCTV footage and several entries that were made by Rahul in registers at several kanwariya camps along the route that made Delhi Police drag him to the station, said Police.

“When we checked the dossier of criminals available with us, we found Rahul’s name in it,” said the officer.

A police team finally arrested Rahul around 6.30 pm on Thursday.

The DCP also said that Rahul had no clue about the crime as he hasn’t seen the news and did not know that the police were looking for him.

“He had collected Ganga water from Haridwar and was headed home when he joined other ‘kanwariyas’ to vandalise the car. He was clearly caught on camera using a stick to smash the car,” said the DCP.

Moti Nagar police registered a suo motu case of wrongful restraint and mischief causing damage on Wednesday, almost 24 hours after the crime.

“Rahul has been arrested for rioting which is a non-bailable offence,” Kumar said.