The BJP leader claimed that the step taken by the govt against instant Triple Talaq developed the faith in Modi. BJP has now earned the incredible support of Muslims after criminalizing the practice of Triple talaq among the Muslim community.

BJP leader further added that only “extremist” Muslims are against Modi.

“Only extremist Muslims will not vote for the BJP but the rest will be with BJP. After we banned things like triple talaq, for which there is even division among Muslims, 50 per cent of the community today is voting for BJP,” Swamy said.

The Muslim Woman (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill,2017 is stuck at Rajya Sabha for the further Procedure.

Swami also shared his words on the investigations taking place under the case lodged on Former Finance Minister. He said “People warned me that nobody can touch him. All judges are in his pocket. All police commissioners are in his pocket. But I said I am not in his pocket”.

Coming on the no-confidence motion against NDA govt which was forwarded by the TDP and supported by other oppositions which even included ShivSena, Mr Subramanian said “They are angry about something, some of it is justified and some not… I don’t see any real problem we have with the Shiv Sena. But I find it a bit odd that they have ministers in our government and yet they chose to abstain. They could have made speeches and criticised, but they should have voted with us,”  in its mouthpiece ‘Saamna’.

In the no-confidence motion led by oppositions, BJP proved itself by winning votes against the motion.

Mr Swami even shared that he asked Mr Modi to seek medical check-up after Rahul’s hug. The oppositions were not able to level a single change against Modi so Mr Rahul embraced him at the end.

Mr Swami countered the questions of Arjun Ram Meghwal on mob lynching and replied that Mr Modi looks unshakable and the failure of no-confidence motion has demoralised the opposition which faded all their desires to defame Mr Modi.