BHOPAL: In Madhya Pradesh, the ticket aspirants of Congress will be analysed on the basis of how active the aspirants are on their accounts of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

As per the sources the state Congress has sent a letter according to which the ticket aspirants of Congress should have at least 1500 likes on their Facebook page and 5000 followers on their Twitter account. Besides this, the ticket aspirants should also have WhatsApp group of booth workers in their neighbourhood, the letter added.

Each and every step that has been taken by the Congress in order to improve its social media outreach has been stated in the letter released by the party.

The letter by the state Congress said that Congress ticket aspirants in the Assembly polls later this year will be evaluated on the basis of how active the aspirants are active over Facebook and Twitter. Besides this, the letter also revealed the criteria for judging the activeness in using social media.

“Having Facebook page and Twitter account is mandatory. Being active on WhatsApp is mandatory. It is mandatory to have 15,000 likes on the Facebook page, 5,000 followers on Twitter and having a WhatsApp group of booth members in the neighbourhood. It is mandatory to retweet the tweets by the state unit’s Twitter handle and to like and share the posts on its Facebook page”, the letter said.

On this, Party spokesperson Shobha Oza said that being active on social media platforms are not the only criteria for ticket aspirants as the state Congress wants the aspirants to use the platforms in an extensive way possible. She also said that Bharatiya Janata Party in the previous elections used social media as the platform to make their voice reach to the people.

“This election is going to be held when democracy is threatened and media is under pressure by the Central and state governments. It is all the more necessary that you use social media as a powerful instrument to reach to the masses. So we are appealing to our workers and leaders to be more active on social media and share the party’s ideology and vision through it”, she said.