Bhopal: For upcoming polls in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan, the Congress high command is yet to decide that whether the party should form an alliance offered by Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati. As per our news sources, the party’s MP unit is in the favour to form a pre-poll alliance with BSP rather than choosing Samajwadi Party for the same.

Our sources have said that BSP is stable with 30 to 40 seats in MP and is successful in maintaining around 6.5% vote share over the years in the state. Whereas  Samajwadi Party in 2013 state polls managed to get only 0.03% of vote share in MP and wishes to get 10 to 15 of the 230 seats in MP.

On the basis of a district-wise survey that happened lately, the SP wishes to get 15 seats where the party managed to gather 15000-plus votes in previous elections.

Besides this, the Gondwana Gantantra Party(GGP) which has a significant presence in the Mahakaushal and Vindhya region of the state targets five seats. Talking about the 2013 elections, the GGP managed to get over 10,000 votes in at least 10 seats.

After putting up all the calculations it looks as if the BSP is the much-needed party for the Congress in order to form an alliance regarding upcoming elections in Madhya Pradesh. BSP despite having won four seats it 2013 gathered over 20,000 votes on 17 seats and acquired more than 10,000 votes at 62 constituencies.

Our news sources say that Congress is in full swing in order to come up as a jolt for BJP by adding its previous vote share of 37% with BSP’s 6.5% and GGP’s support. Sources even revealed that Congress is making the best possible efforts in order to stand against the ruling party that in 2013 polls managed to gather 45% vote share and 165 seats.

Besides this, both the Congress and the BSP are showcasing in public that they wish to go solo in the upcoming polls. And the reason behind this being that in case if both the parties remains unsuccessful in forming an alliance than they can achieve strategic advantages for the same.

Regarding this, Kamal Nath, in recent interviews has also announced that the Congress will go solo for all the 230 seats. And two senior BSP leaders: state head Narmada Ahirwar and Pradip Ahirwar have also said that there have been no instructions regarding the alliance in the state unit.