Creating a lot of stress for the opposition Congress party in the upcoming assembly election, on Saturday the Ruling party joined hands with the state president of Chattisgarh and MLA Ramdayal Uike. Mr. Uike joined the Bhartiya Janta Party in the presence of the party President Mr. Amit Shah and Chief Minister Raman Singh. The ceremony took place in Bilaspur District Headquarter

Mr. Uike, a popular tribal leader in Bilaspur division said that being a Scheduled Tribes (ST) Leaders he was feeling choked in the Congress party and was being abandoned many times by the party leadership. He announced that he will join BJP in a conference which was held in Bilaspur and in the presence of Party President Mr. Amit Shah as well as state unit president Dharamlal Kaushik.

Mr. Uike said “I had been feeling suffocated in Congress party for many years now. Congress has abstracted from its philosophy and morality. The CD politics of Congress has ruined its image. State Congress Chief Bhupesh Baghel has damaged the image of the party by cheering up the obscene CD politics.” He also revealed that the Congress party’s high officials did not give him any importance regarding the claim to remove Mr. Baghel from the post of state unit president.

Mr. Uike asserted “the Congress has totally ignored the interest in tribal community, backward and poor people and I was disheartened over it because I signify a tribal region. The chief minister Raman Singh has been putting all his hard work for overall development of tribal’s and backward people and because I was so impressed with his development-oriented policies and rejoin my home party.”

Mr. Uike said that this is “Ghar wapsi” for me as he left BJP Party in the year 2000 and joined Congress. When questioned about the upcoming elections he replied that he will follow instructions given by the party leadership. After knowing this, the opposition party referred Mr. Uike as an “opportunist” and reacted on this by saying that his decision for leaving the party will not influence the party.