On Friday, BJP, while addressing the media said that if any kind of disharmony takes place before the 2019 elections than the opposition party Congress will straight away be blamed for the same. For the reason behind this being the Party  “playing a dangerous game… of communal politics”.

Regarding this Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman  Alleged The Congress president Rahul Gandhi that on Wednesday during an interaction with Muslim intellectuals Gandhi told the intellectuals that “Congress is a Muslim party”.

Nirmala Sitharaman further attacked Rahul Gandhi by saying that, in earlier events, Gandhi declared himself to be janeu-dhari (A person who wears the sacred thread) and now telling Muslim intellectuals that he is Muslim-dhari is nothing but just playing with the trusts of people, she said.

“Congress party is playing a dangerous game, playing communal division, playing up the card of religion. It is frightening that it may lead to the kind of division and kind of communal disharmony that prevailed during the 1947 partition. Congress party shall be solely responsible if any disharmony plays out between now and the 2019 elections. We think Congress is getting back at this Divide India mindset. It is clear that the 2019 election, they want to contest it at dharm ki aadhaar par (on the basis of religion). Its foundation has been laid,” she said.

One of the Muslim intellectuals, Syed Irfan Habib, who met Gandhi Wednesday defended him on the allegations by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and said that no such words have been said by Mr Gandhi during the interaction that took place that day.

Syed Irfan Habib further explained that no such issue was raised by Rahul Gandhi or the people present during the interaction on Wednesday. He further said that these allegations are just moulding of words that have been made by the opposition party in order to seek their political advantage in the event.

Overlooking all this, Congress passed a statement stating that all these kinds of false allegations have been made up in order to create tensions and confusions in the society. Congress spokesperson Sushmita Dev told reporters that, being a responsible Defence Minister, Sitharaman’s statement against Congress and the allegations that she made up on her own clearly showcases her in the line of support with Prime Minister Modi.