A group of telecom service providers has asked the government for help. They are looking forward to their help to solve a certain glitch with dual SIM 4G phones. This problem is bringing down the quality of the services they are providing.

The COAI comprises of Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, Idea and Reliance Jio. The association said that there was a problem with all the dual SIM 4G enabled smartphones that were using a chipset from MediaTek. The data flow in the main 4G SIM slot showed problems when a 4G LTE only SIM card was put in the other slot that was for 2G SIM.

In a letter written to the Secretary of DoT and TRAI, COAI director Rajan Mathews mentioned the problem. He wrote that they need to instruct the smartphone makers to fix the problem. He wrote that if over-the-air upgrade method is used, the problem will get solved in a months’ time. If not then they will not allow the faulty devices in the market.

Putting the 4G LTE only SIM in the 2nd slot thoroughly declines the throughput of other 4G SIM presents in the slot by 40%, the Mathews said.

Chipset manufacturer did not notice any problem when they put the 4 LTE only SIM card in the first slot and the 4G SIM card in the other slot. Taiwan-based company MediaTek also said problems were being reported in the handsets. The chipset manufacturer said they were looking into the problem and would come up with an immediate solution.

In an email sent by the MediaTek representative India, it said the company is already working on solving the problem. They were working along with the telecom operators and trying to get to the root of the problem, the email read.