The new CJI Ranjan Gogoi makes a positive statement while showing his concern and ensuring certain positive changes on the administrative side.

The 46th CJI was addressing the lawyers in his first court after grabbing the designation. He Said “Let me assure you, we are changing things. And every change takes some time. Have some patience and give some time to our Registrars. Let us be fair to all,”

“We understand the anxiety of the litigants and the lawyers, we are trying our best to accommodate everyone,” he added.

The statement was made after having a meeting with a group of lawyers who shared important matters and asked for an early hearing.

The new CJI also cleared that there would be no an automatic removal of matters from the list and it would be only deleted after concerning with the required lawyer.

Concerning the worries of the lawyers, the CJI even ensured that the time between filing and listing of cases would not take much time to make sure that lawyers would not have to demand an early hearing in regular cases. He even advised the lawyers not to randomly mention any case for early listing.

He said “Mention only if someone is going to be hanged today… or the house is getting demolished or the person is being evicted. Mention before us only when there is real urgency. Rest of the matters will be taken care of by our Registrar otherwise too,”

Taking the long-awaited criminal cases hearing, Justice Gogoi said to list criminal cases as well in this week. He shared that the first 10 cases for regular hearing in most of the courts on Wednesday would have criminal appeals which had been pending for adjudication for several years.