China is continuously working on a space mission for last few years. Today, they have told the media about their success in this mission. They have sent an unbreakable code from satellite to the Earth. This is the first ever code of its own nature. This has become possible due to Quantum Key Distribution Technology. They launched the World’s first Quantum satellite in August 2016. The aim behind this launch was to enable ‘hack proof’ communications. Earlier, America has also succeeded in such a mission and named it a ‘notable advance’. The announcement of this achievement has appeared in journal Nature. People all across the world have called it a ‘milestone’.

The satellite sent quantum keys to earth stations in China. These keys covered a distance of about 645-1200 KM at a rate of 20 orders. This means that the communications may be more efficient than fiber optics. A senior scientist of Chinese Academy of Science says that this will enable to make safe phone calls. We can even send a large amount of data also.

Talking about the security of data he also says that any interception will change the quantum key and tend to lose all the information. Thus, there is no possibility of data hacking. Here, it is important to note that many other countries across the world are also planning to use this new technology in defense and finance. America and Russia are far ahead of China in this race. They have already used this technology in their defense systems.

China’s president Xi Jinping has asked to continue the program at top priority. He says that their national security and defense system needs the advancement in this technology. China is saying again and again that its space program is for peaceful purpose.