Chinese Consul General Ma Zhanwu said that his country has been proposing a bullet train service between Kunming and Kolkata via Myanmar and Bangladesh, in Kolkata on Wednesday.

He added that with the joint efforts of both countries India and China, a high-speed rail link would be established diminishing the distance between two cities.

Ma Zhanwu said  “It will only take a few hours to reach Kolkata from Kunming if the rail link becomes a reality,” and shared that  Myanmar and Bangladesh would benefit from the project.

Mr Zhanwu informed that the project to run high-speed bullet train service between Kunming and Kolkata via Myanmar and Bangladesh was also mentioned at the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS) meet in Kunming in 2015.

He added “We may have a cluster of industries along the route. That increases the possibility of economic development of countries involved in the 2,800 km-long projects,”

He even informed that his country, China has been attempting for the rejuvenation of the Silk Route to increase connectivity from Kunming to Kolkata. He shared that the rail project holds an ambition to enhance the trade flow in the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar (BCIM) corridor. He clarified his country’s motto for the project and said that the project was only planned for “shared benefits and development” through consultations and discussions.

Kunming is referred as China’s transportation hub of the southern Yunnan province, which will be connected to Kolkata via bullet train. The Bullet train will cut down the distance between two and one will cover 2000 km journey in just two hours.

The Chinese agent assured of having no conspiracy involved behind the project to conquer the neighbouring countries and said that the project was designed after extensive discussion and would provide multiple shared benefits for neighbouring countries like India.

The new rail link between the two countries will open the trade opportunity but it may even invite many illegal and terrorist activities. The government should forward smartly for such proposals.