The competition for sending space missions among developed nations of the world is increasing with every passing day. Almost, all the developed countries are trying to explore the Moon and the Mars. To explore the dark side of the Moon, China has sent a space mission. This relay satellite flew to space at 5:28 AM on Monday. China National Space Administration has sent the Queqiao satellite into space with the help of Long March-4C rocket. The CNSA has selected Xichang launch center for this mission. This satellite will establish a link between Earth and lunar probe. The satellite will explore the dark side of the Moon.

The success of this mission will make China the first country to probe the dark side of the Moon. This is because many other countries are also planning to probe the soft land and rove the dark side of the Moon.

The sources are saying that Magpie Bridge will settle in an orbit about 4, 55,000 kilometers from the Earth. This would be the world’s first communication satellite to settle at such a distance. This space mission shows that China wants to become a major space power by 2030. Russia and United States are the two countries that are already planning to become space powers in future. Here, it is worth mentioning that China is planning to launch construction of its own manned space station next year.

The United States and Russia seem worried at this space probe by China. They are of the view that China is trying to prevent other nations from using space-based assets. China says that its ambitions are peaceful. Earlier, China had sent its Jade Rabbit Rover on the moon to explore its land.