On Wednesday, the Centre has extended the due dates for filing of Goods and Services Tax (GST) returns for the people residing in the areas affected by Cyclone Titli and Cyclone Gaja.  Both the cyclones caused a huge number of deaths and a mass destruction in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and 11 districts of Tamil Nadu. The 11 affected districts in Tamil Nadu are Cuddalore, Thiruvarur, Puddukottai, Dindigul, Nagapattinam, Theni, Thanjavur, Sivagangai, Tiruchirappalli, Karur and Ramanathapuram.

“In view of the disturbances caused to daily life by Cyclone Titli in the district of Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and by Cyclone Gaza in 11 districts of Tamil Nadu…the competent authority has decided to extend the due dates for filing various GST returns,” the Ministry of Finance said in a statement.

As per the reports filed by the Andhra Pradesh Disaster Management Authority, Cyclone Titli affected more than nine lakh people in Andhra Pradesh. The Reports further added that the cyclone also caused destruction in  18 mandals in Srikakulam. These mandals were Mandansa, Polaki and Jalamuru among others. Many of the mandals remained flooded for weeks after the cyclone.

In order to provide relief to the people of the affected areas, the centre has released a statement which says that taxpayers from Srikakulam (Andhra Pradesh) can file their GSTR-3B for September and October by November 30. And the taxpayers of 11 Tamil Nadu districts can pay their GST till 20 December.

On the other hand, the taxpayers who have a turnover of more than Rs 1.5 crore and are from Srikakulam are also relieved as they can file their GSTR-1 for September and October by November 30, and those from the 11 districts in Tamil Nadu can file for October by December 20.

The Centre has also extended the date for filing GSTR-4 and GSTR-7 forms for the affected regions. Taxpayers from Srikakulam can file GSTR-4 for the quarter by November 30,  while GSTR-7 can be filed by the taxpayers of the said area till January 31, 2019.