The central government of India has confirmed the outbreak of bird flu in Bengaluru. There are reports that samples from village Darasahalli confirm this outbreak. The central government has deputed a team to assist the Karnataka government for further investigation and prevention of the disease. The reports of the team show that the situation is fully under control. The team also tells that there are no reports about the disease in any other part of the state. Here, it is necessary to mention that bird flu is a kind of viral infection. This outbreaks in birds and infects chicken, poultry, and some wild birds like ducks.

The central government says that there are no reports of mortality neither in the state nor any other part of the country. Here, it is necessary to mention that the official release had confirmed the death of birds in the area in December. The government took the rapid action and started culling the birds from the area. The official report also said that NISHAD had confirmed the presence of the H5 strain of avian influenza virus in the samples. The official team took these samples from a poultry shop.

An officer from Animal Husbandry Department told media that they had culled 940 birds so far. He also told media that three rapid action teams are in the area for culling infected birds. The officer had also confirmed that the teams are operating in the area in line with standard operating procedure. A team of three members from central government has also arrived. This team would supervise the other operating teams in the area.

He also said that the surveillance in an area of 10KM is already on. Different governmental and private organizations are taking part in this operation. All the people taking part in this operation have full awareness about the disease.