The Yogi-led government in Uttar Pradesh officially changed the name of the Allahabad district to Prayagraj on Tuesday. The change of the name was the long-awaited demand.

The saffron party government also announced that institutions named after the Allahabad would also undergo the name change procedure.

The decision to change the name of the Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh comes after a Cabinet meeting held in the state capital, chaired by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Well backing the decision, Government spokesperson and Cabinet minister Siddhartha Nath Singh called the decision as a longstanding demand of the people. He even informed that the revenue board was assigned to look into the relevance of the demand.

An official statement stated that “The board researched documents and found that the there were 14 Prayags in the country but only the one here, also known as King of all Prayags (hence, Prayagraj) was changed to Allahabad.” “There was a delusion that the place was always called Allahabad and so the revenue board suggested that in order to correct this delusion, it would be reasonably legal to change the name to the original name.”

Mr Singh even mentioned the possibilities of change of name of central institutes including Allahabad University and Allahabad High Court. He said that the districts have some central institutes like high court and railway stations which named after Allahabad would also see the name change process as a letter would be sent to them to follow the procedure.

Some opposition parties did not react well to the action and called it a step to change history.

Mr Singh reverted back to the reactions and said the government was preserving Vedic and historical identity by giving back the name which the place had for 500 years. Whoever was against it should consider the point.

JDU welcomed the decision for the name change and said that it supports the decision.

KC Tyagi, JD(U) general secretary, shared that the place was earlier observed as Prayagraj and extended his support for the change of the name in a press conference in New Delhi