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Can ‘ग’ for “Ganesh” instead of “Gadha” spark communalism in our society? This might seem a rouge question but a veteran Congress leader believed the same and for his share of vote bank, he injected this simple yet deep-rooted thought of communalism deep into our minds.

Renowned facebook page Politically Incorrect has taken the trouble to dig deep into the subject and unravel the harsh reality. Politically Incorrect has shared a video on its Facebook Page, which shows how the national party that ruled India for over six decades has played politics of communalism to lure its potential voters.

As the video states: In your childhood, you might have studied ‘ग’ as in “Gamla”(Hindi translation of a pot) but it is for sure that you don’t know the history behind the phrase. It is said that after Independence, the educational books in Madhya Pradesh holds ‘ग’ as in Ganesh but after the revolution of the Madhya Pradesh, the Indian National Congress politician Shankar Dayal Sharma became the education minister of the state. Sharma Ji completed his education from England and after he became the education minister of Madhya Pradesh he said that teaching and writing ‘G’ as Ganesh is symbol of communalism and so he removed the following phrase from the system and in order to avoid communalism, he replaced it with ‘G’ as “Gadha”(Hindi translation of Donkey).

Later when the government got changed, ‘ग ’ as “Gadha” was further replaced with ‘ग’ as in “Gamla”. So this way it came into our books and is said to be the history behind the phrase. Though the government has done their work, its time to think on our own that whether teaching and using ‘ग’ as in “Ganesh” can be a step towards communalism or using ‘ग’ as “Gadha” is Secularism. It’s just a matter of fact that different people think in different ways and it’s the views that come up making things wrong and right.