The Modi cabinet gives a waiver to the amendment bill to restore original provisions of Dalit atrocity law. After the nationwide protest called by the Dalits, the cabinet finally comes up with the decision to reverse the Supreme Court verdict on SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. The bill for the restoration will be passed in coming sessions.

The apex court had restrained the immediate arrests in cases registered under the SC/ST Act leading in March this year. The verdict made by the two-member bench of Judges of the apex court was not welcomed by the Dalits and they called for the protest against the decision.

The decision to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision on SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act was chaired by the Prime Minister after the deadline was provided by the Dalits as well as BJP allies.

Dalits explained that the changes made by the court had diluted the provisions of the act and liberated the securities of the STs and SCs.

The two-member bench of Justice Goyal and Justice UU Lalit ordered to introduce anticipatory bail provisions for arrests under the act.

The Supreme Court later justified the order saying even Parliament does not permit the immediate arrest of a person without a fair procedure and evidence. The changes applied had protected the fundamental rights to life and it had even protected innocents who were intentionally trapped in the offence, by ordering prior inspection of accusations.

The decisions and order made by the SC judges turned the Dalits into being rebellious. Violent Protest held on April 2 killed nine lives due to firing in central and north India. The second protest was scheduled for 9 August.

The acceptance by the cabinet chaired by Modi somewhere exposes the threat of losing the dalit votes by the BJP.

The decision took by the Supreme court was right as it protects the innocent. No one should be arrested on the basis of the claims made by the SCs or STs. The original SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act could invite the misuse of the law by the schedule group. The probability of conspiracy and false charges increases with the overturn of SC’s verdict.