In order to expose tax evaders, Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal today called on traders and industrialists. As per our resources, the meeting with a purpose to expose tax evaders was organised by the Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Chhattisgarh State Industrial Development Corporation.

In the meeting, Piyush Goyal addressed the people and said that besides evading tax in order to save money, businessmen and industrialists should rather focus on how to produce and deliver quality goods and services. He further added that Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a very honest and simplified taxation system that helps in calculating the accurate amount that should be charged against the offered goods and services.

He further emphasized on the part that everyone should be honest regarding paying taxes to the government and should complain about those who are evading them. He further added to the statement that if in any case he himself is found guilty then you can directly speak to the Prime Minister.

“The GST in the past one year has successfully worked and has generated ample revenue. This year there won’t be a dearth of revenue if people continue to be a part of this system and pay their taxes. Just when people pay their taxes correctly, the government will be more empowered to reduce the rates even further, making the mechanism simpler,” said  Mr Goyal in a seminar while addressing the people. The seminar was said to be organised by Chhattisgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (CCCI) in order to hold knots over tax evaders.

Mr Goyal further said that the business community has already made the new single tax system a success. And the execution of food security schemes by the Raman Singh government in Chhattisgarh have also been praised by the Union minister. Regarding the implementation of food security services, the state has been declared as a role model by the World Bank.

“It is our responsibility to expose those who are doing wrong (evading tax) and harming the economy,” Goyal said while addressing the traders and industrialists during the seminar.

The seminar that took place in the late evening was in the presence of Chief Minister Singh and state industry minister Amar Agrawal.