A mishappening almost slipped which could have sucked lives of 136 passengers and crew members.

A Dubai bound Air India plane which took off for the destination from Trichy in Tamil Nadu late last night, was in the air for three hours with extensive damage to its body after hitting a wall during take-off.

The pilot was unaware of the damage to his aircraft reported that “all systems were functioning normally” but was asked to divert to Mumbai as a precaution. The plane landed in Mumbai early morning and it was found that fuselage or body of Boeing 737 aircraft was practically “shredded.”

The pilots are under the investigation.

The aircraft which took off a little after 1.30 am last night had hit the boundary wall during the runway. Two of its wheels hit the airport perimeter wall resulting in damage.

After the incident, the Air Traffic Control immediately contacted the pilots informing about the damage that might have caused due to collapse but pilot reported that aircraft was functioning normally. But they asked the pilot to divert to Mumbai to avoid any mishappening.

The aircraft landed safely ensuring no loss at 5.35 am in Mumbai. Later another flight was provided to carry passengers from Mumbai to Dubai.

It was found that the plane’s body had tears, cracks and dents whereas its belly had intense damage. In fact, broken parts of the antenna were discovered on the ground at the Trichy airport.

The pilot in command was Captain D. Ganesh Babu and the First Officer was Captain Anurag. Both had experience of the B 737 aircraft of 3600 hours and 3000 hours respectively.


An official of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation said “The plane appears to have overshot the runway. We will soon replace the ILS (Instrumentation Landing System) antenna,” and informed that aviation watchdog will investigate the incident.

Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu even showed the seriousness over the incident and said that “Growth can’t be at the expense of safety,”  on his tweeter handle.

He even informed that a private company would look into safety at Air India in a recent review and even asked for the “safety compliance report” of all airlines.