BJP President targets the Congress President after flagging off Atal Vikas Yatra of Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh to reach out to voters from Kurrubhat village near Dongargarh in Rajnandgaon district. Amit Shah addressed the rally at Kurrubhat village and slammed Rahul Gandhi and said instead of asking what Modi govt did in four years, The Congress president should answer why development did not reach the masses during the “six-decade rule of his family”.

The saffron party President assured for winning 65 of total 90 seats  in the upcoming Chhattisgarh Assembly polls  and challenged that opposition would not be able to overthrow the Saffron party, calling it difficult as “lifting the leg of Angad”

Amit Shah said “His (Gandhi) government was in power for 60 years but why electricity did not reach villages…. Why farmers did not get better MSP…. Why benefits of other welfare schemes did not reach masses?

“People of the country want to know the account of 60 years of rule from you,” the BJP chief added.

Mr Shah said that Rahul Gandhi doesn’t hold the right to ask questions. He even slammed Rahul Gandhi who criticised the Chief Minister Raman Sing for purchasing cell phones and said that Rahul baba asked Raman Singh why the govt didn’t purchase mobile phones from BHEL under the SKY scheme.  Rahul baba does not know that BHEL does not manufacture mobile phones and he was not clear about what ‘hisab’ he wished to know.

Mr Shah flayed Mr Gandhi and recalled the coal allocation scam  which occurred in  Congress-led UPA government and said that Congress was  “coal mine thief which committed irregularities in the coal block allocations”

Mr Shah appreciated the work of the Chief Minister and said that Atal ji founded Chhattisgarh and Raman Singh developed it as per his dreams. He even praised for the decision to rename the state capital as “Atal Nagar”.

Shah claimed that the state which was listed in ‘bimaru‘ state before the BJP came to power has positioned itself in the developed state list. He appealed people to re-elect the Saffron Party for constructing “new Chhattisgarh by 2025”

The BJP President assured that the country is observing progress and the party had won seats in the various state under the leadership of Narendra Modi. He compared Raman Singh and said that Raman Singh had developed Chhattisgarh in a similar manner.

Mr Shah recalled the surgical strike and said that it was Modi govt which answered the ceasefire violations done by Pakistan through the surgical strike.

Raman Singh, Chief Minister said that his govt had framed a draft of  the Atal Vision Document which would construct New Chhattisgarh by 2025

Raman Singh said “We have vowed to double the GSDP (gross state domestic product) of Chhattisgarh when it would be celebrating its silver jubilee in 2025. We want to double the income of farmers. It is the right of every citizen to access quality medical facilities and internet connection,” while addressing a rally.

He even informed that  Atal Memorial would be constructed at Atal Nagar and soil for the same would be collected from every village and religious place in Chhattisgarh. The Atal memorial would be built on a five-acre plot.