On Wednesday, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee expressed her strong will for changing the name of the state to Bangla. She said that it has been quite a long time since the request regarding changing the name of the state has been initiated in front of the government.

Chief Minister Banerjee wrote a long post on social media in which she has mentioned that the State Assembly had agreed to the decision of changing the name of the state because our emotions are attached to our mother tongue, Bangla. She further added that the request which was sent to the government was that the name of the state should be changed from West Bengal to Bengal in English, Bangla in Bengali and Bangal in Hindi.

The ministry approved that we can use the name Bangla in all three languages. As per the approval, the state assembly also agreed to the decision to change the name of the state to Bangla in all three languages and sent it to the ministry for further process, said the Chief Minister.

Mamta accused BJP by saying that the ruling party is changing the names of historical places and institutions without any necessity for their own political interest. But their attitude is totally different on the proposal of changing the name of the West Bengal. One of the reasons given by the state assembly for changing the name is that West Bengal comes at the bottom of the alphabetic order in the list of States.

Since 2016, the ruling party of West Bengal Trinamool Congress government has been eagerly waiting for the decision of changing the name of the State to Bangla. The main reason that the center is not in favour of changing the name of West Bengal to Bangla is that the name sounds similar to Bangladesh and it could create problems. Chief Minister said, “similarity of names should not create a hurdle”. Like we have a state Punjab there is one other Punjab in Pakistan, said Ms Banerjee.

Bangla was a language and it cannot be the name of the sate said the BJP President of the State, Mr. Dilip Ghosh.