New Delhi: After the decision to hike the fuel prices was taken by Karnataka government,  Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday mocked at Rahul Gandhi regarding the challenge he gave to PM Narendra Modi.

According to a news, Karnataka Government at the time of proposing the annual budget had increased the tax on petrol and Diesel. As per the budget, the cess on petrol has increased from 30 per cent to 32 per cent while on Diesel the cess has increased from 19 per cent to 21 per cent. Which has made petrol prices to go up by Rs 1.14/litre and Diesel prices to go up by Rs 1.12/litre. This declaration of annual budget resulted in an increase in fuel prices in Karnataka. Regarding this PM Modi taunted Rahul Gandhi Referring to his FuelChallenge and said that “Gandhi has no takers – ‘not even his own government’. “No takers for Rahul Gandhi’s #FuelChallenge, not even his government! This is what happens when you pretend to know and preach things that you have no idea about!!! (sic)”.

According to our news sources, sometimes back Rahul Gandhi made fun of PM Narendra Modi when he accepted Virat Kohli’s fitness challenge. Besides this Gandhi asked PM Modi to reduce the fuel prices and said. “Dear PM, Glad to see you accept the @imVkohli fitness challenge. Here’s one from me: Reduce Fuel prices or the Congress will do a nationwide agitation and force you to do so. I look forward to your response.#FuelChallenge,”. He said this in a way of taunting PM Modi about the fuel prices in his state.

Now after the Karnataka government has announced the hike on fuel prices PM Modi took a jibe on Rahul Gandhi challenge and passed a statement.

Besides the hike in fuel price Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s in his budget has also made a pretty much noticeable hike on liquor by 4% and have even announced a farm loan waiver of Rs 34,000 crore.

As per the sources, Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy has rejected the farm loans which was borrowed from both cooperative and nationalised banks after coming to power.

However, Rahul Gandhi has been protesting for a long time against higher prices and such a rise in prices by a government makes sure to deliver a setback to Gandhi’s stand.