Well, the saffron party is now opening all its cards which may provide it success abundantly.

The saffron brigade is fully prepared to launch its significantly effective political model Operation Kamala in Karnataka.

The Operation Kamala will be used for the third time by Saffron party. The operation has been used to weaken the Congress and the JD(S) across the state and strengthen the BJP.

The operation is very simple as it follows the provision to woo the elected representatives and grassroots representatives of other political parties to join the BJP either by attracting through political power or as well as money.

The operation provides two benefits to the Saffron party. Firstly it provides strength to the party and secondly eat away the grassroots network of the opposition.
The BJP sources said that the party had approached 16 Congress MLAs till now who could be measured as the danger in the coming election.
As per information shared, the Jarkiholi brothers Ramesh and Satish had agreed to jump ship. The source also informed that the party had met Chikkaballapur Congress MLA Dr Sudhakar Reddy, Chintamani JDS MLA Krishna Reddy, Kagawad Congress MLA Srimant Baba Saheb Patil, Hosakote MLA MTB Nagaraju and Basavakalyan MLA Narayan Rao.
The saffron party has planned to woo 20 MLAs to their side

The source said “The deal is simple. Ramesh Jarkiholi will get the Deputy CM post and three other leaders from those who have defected will get cabinet berths and control over transfers in their departments. The remaining will get tickets to contest bye-elections and money.”

In 2018 Assembly Elections, the BJP had won 104 seats in the 2018 Assembly Elections, only 9 seats restricted it from getting a majority. If  BJP  manages to get at least 17 Congress MLAs to defect, assuring Yeddyurappa-led BJP in the state a shot at power once again.

The BJP source said that most of the Congress leaders see themselves as the Chief Minister of Karnataka. However, Deve Gowda and Kumaraswamy had consumed all of it. Most of the leaders of the Congress party were unhappy and the party itself was not clear about what they want. Most of the powers were dwelling in few hands which made the other minister unhappy.