Finally, the Triple Talaq bill will be tabled in Rajya Sabha by Modi-led Govt. Hopefully, this insane practice will come to an end soon.

Women have been the victim, not from today but from the past days. The male dominant society has always ruled, even the history has witnessed that. But the situation has been worse for the Muslim females who has faced triple talaq in their life. The practice of triple talaq has split the individuality of female along with her life too. The triple talaq practice even questions the virtues of the marriage relationship. Numbers of Muslim women had to face this tragic triple talaq implement in their lives which had shattered their world.

The Narendra Modi Govt has made amendments in the triple talaq bill and is all set to forward in Rajya Sabha.

The amendments established in the bill are: first amendment allows only a woman, or a close relative can file the case against the husband, the second amendment states that FIR will be only lodged if the wife herself, blood kin or the people who become relatives after marriage, files the complain. The Third amendment states for instant  triple talaq “compoundable”

On the triple talaq bill, Sonia Gandhi said: “Our party’s position is absolutely clear on this, I will not say anything on this further,”.

The Congress party had been demanding for the bail provision which was accepted by the centre yesterday. The newly amended bill criminalises the old practice. Mr Narendra Modi approved the amendments to the Muslim Women Protection of Rights on Marriage Bill, 2017 and the bill includes the provision of bail but only by the Magistrate.

The govt hopes that the newly amended bill will be welcomed by the opposition parties. Once the bill gets clearance from Upper House it will be forwarded to the Lok Sabha for approval. Meanwhile, today Mr Amit Shah organised a meeting with the BJP MPs to discuss the same issue.

Congress MP Dalwai said:”Women treated unfairly in all communities, not just Muslims not just Muslims, even Hindus, Christians, Sikhs etc. In every society, there is male domination. Even Shree Ram Chandra Ji once left Sita Ji after doubting her. So we need to change as a whole”.