To attract more customers, BHIM app has launched a new cashback offer. This offer will be available for individual users as well as merchants. Here, it is worth mentioning that Indian government has extended BHIM cashback offer for the merchants. The offer is also available for new as well as existing users. The individual users can enjoy cashback offer of up to Rs 750 per month. The merchants will enjoy cashback offer of Rs 1000 per month. The government has announced the offer through a tweet.

The new users will get the benefit of Rs 51 on completion of their first transaction. Here, it is worth mentioning that consumers can complete the transaction after downloading the BHIM app. This app connects to the bank account of the customers. You can receive the cashback offer on sending funds up to Rs 1 or more. The users will get Rs 25 cashback on every unique transaction through VPA/UPI. The users can enjoy the maximum benefit of Rs 500 per month.

The Rs 100 cashback offer is available for 25-50 transactions per month. Between 50-100 transactions, the users can enjoy cashback of Rs 200. Cashback of Rs 250 is available for more than 100 transactions. The value of each transaction should be equal to Rs 10 or more. The merchants will get 10% of transaction value in almost every transaction.

Here, it is important to mention that PM Modi had launched BHIM app back in 2017. BHIM app links to the bank accounts of the customers. One of the interesting features of this app is that your friend or family member does not need to be on BHIM app. They only need a bank account to connect to the app to receive the funds. The Indian government wants to provide the people with all in one app.