On Friday, PM Modi asked for investment in the electric vehicles manufacturing and facilities of smart charging in India as the vehicles and mobility carriers shape the growth of the country.

Besides this, PM Modi also said that mobility powered by clean energy is the best idea to fight against the global phenomenon of climate change. The people should now start focussing more on the alternative to the conventional mode of transports like rickshaws, trucks, cars, and two-wheelers, they have to switch to an alternate and e-vehicles have the potential to replace the existing mode of transport, he added.

While addressing the Global Mobility Summit, PM Modi said that Congestion free mobility is critical to check the economic and environmental cost of congestion. He also said that this domain also holds an opportunity to provide job opportunities for the next generation and would benefit many employers as well. Better mobility trims down the trouble of travel and transportation and would, in turn, lead to increase the economic growth, it would not be wrong to say that better mobility and economic growth go hand in hand.

The target of Indian Government is to increase the sale of e-vehicles by 15% in next five years so that it could restrain the greenhouse gas emission and decrease the use of fossil fuels. Last year approx 2000 electric vehicles were sold and it showed a marked potential of e-vehicles in the Indian market. It’s an area which is less explored and a consistent research and development in this domain would definitely yield fruitful results.

PM Modi also said in presence of CEO’s of global auto majors that “Government is eager on investments across the value chain from batteries to smart charging to electric vehicles manufacturing”. He also said that he has a dream for an opportunity of mobility in India which stands on 7 C’s: Common, connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean and Cutting edge technology. These 7 C’s form the pillars of the growth of development of electric vehicles in India and would ensure a safe and clean environment for the future generations.

While addressing, PM Modi also said that we should now extensively use the common public transport system to drive development. The government has already taken major steps towards the development of the public transport system in India and people should utilize it and ensure its correct utilization and usage. The best gift which one could give to its future generation would be a clean and green environment.