The bridge collapse in Kolkata was a big shock for the nation and it sucked three lives. The  West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee reveals another such shocking news and announced that at least 20 bridges in the city and its suburbs are ringing the alarm for being unsafe.

The unsafe bridges announced by the Chief Minister even includes Satragachi rail overbridge which connects Kolkata with two national highways, NH6 and NH2. Mamta Banerjee named other bridges and said that these bridges had crossed the “expiry date” and the state would inspect all the bridges and undertake corrective action.

The Chief Minister announced to prohibit the use of multi-axle trucks with 20 wheels and even suspended the construction work of metro railway in the southwest of Kolkata, claiming that Majerhat bridge had collapsed due to construction works going on for the past nine years.

Chief Minister shared the shocking truth after inspecting the accident place with the key officials, including chief secretary Malay Kumar De and police officers.

The bridge that connects  Kolkata port and the southwest of the city was investigated by the committee led by Malay Kumar De had found the reason behind the unexpected incident.

On Wednesday, The police officials stopped the movement of goods vehicles in the port area and diminished the ply from 17 hours to seven hours.

The first day begins with the long queues of trucks in the morning and ended at only 900  container despatches which was much less than from a daily average of 1,200-1,300.

A KoPT spokesperson said, “We are assessing the traffic volume of 20-wheel multi-axle trucks that ply in the port area.” adding that port authorities are trying to figure out what could be done to address the ban.

The chief minister also directed the chances to prohibit even smaller multi-axle trucks with 10 wheels from the city claiming that the heavy vehicles lead to the weakening of the bridges. The port officials shared that banning the vehicles could increase the cost of transportation. Banerjee shared that state administration would also work to clear all unauthorised settlements under bridges.

The Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT) official shared that ban on  20-wheel multi-axle trucks are manageable but the prohibition on smaller one will cost a lot.