On 19th of February Delhi chief secretary, Anshu Prakash was attacked while he was attending a meeting at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence. Regarding this, CM Arvind Kejriwal’s private secretary and a junior engineer of the PWD were questioned by the Delhi Police as officers believe that Arvind Kejriwal was present throughout the whole scene which took place at his residence. Delhi police interrogated both the secretary and engineer regarding a lag in the CCTV footage which was about 40 minutes.

The Delhi Police questioned CM Arvind Kejriwal’s private secretary and a junior engineer of the PWD about a “lag” in the CCTV footage retrieved by them regarding the attack on Delhi chief secretary Anshu Prakash at Arvind Kejriwal’s residence in February.

Harendra Singh, DCP in charge has given confirmation regarding the interrogation and about a time period lag of 40 minutes displayed on CCTV cameras which were as per the forensic report of the CCTV footage of the night the scene took place. As of now the police department is still not confirmed about whether the time period lag of “40 minutes” was intentional or it was a system error.

Besides these interrogations and statements by the Delhi police AAP has still ensured that this kind of activity has never happened at his residence as it shows Prakash walking out as evidence.

Regarding the lags, in the CCTV footage, Kumar was called again by the Delhi police at the Civil Lines police station for interrogation and was asked whether the whole brutal attack was pre-planned or not.

Besides this Delhi police has said that the out of 14 CCTV cameras that were installed in the CM’s house only 7 of them were found working while the others we not working. “The forensic report did not mention whether the cameras were tampered with or if the time was changed when the attack took place. The junior engineer was questioned about the time lag — whether it was deliberate or a system error,” an officer said.

Apart from Delhi police our sources even reported about the scene in which Prakash was allegedly attacked at CM’s residence while attending a meeting on February 19 and that too in the presence of Arvind Kejriwal, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, 11 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) lawmakers and V K Jain, the chief minister’s former advisor. Sources even said that all of them whose presence has been suspected by the police have been interrogated by the Delhi police regarding the scene. It seems as if the whole scene has become a reason for conflicts between the Delhi government and its officers.