A famous British Professor Stephen Hawking said that Artificial Intelligence is a threat to humanity on this planet. He says that the Earth is becoming too small for us and humanity are bound to self-destruct. He says that AI will be dominant on the Earth and replace human beings. He supports his argument by saying that we have passed the point of ‘no return’ and our days on the Earth are ending. All this is happening because of the great development in Artificial Intelligence.

The theoretical physicist says that machines will dominate the world one day. And, that day is not very far away when AI will take the place of humanity. This will be a new form of life with the ability to outperform human beings. He also says that we should think of colonizing some other planet to ensure our survival. He also warns that if they do not colonize some other planet, the results will be destructive.

Here, it is important to mention that researchers are already doing intensive researches on the atmosphere of the Moon and the Mars. They also hope to succeed in colonizing these planets. This is because the atmosphere on these planets is somewhat suitable for human life. Last year, he said that the invention of AI could either prove beneficial or harmful for humanity. He also said that potential benefits of creating intelligence are huge.

He also says that technological revolution will help us undo some damages caused by industrialization. He also says that Artificial Intelligence would help us to control poverty and diseases at some time in future. All the aspects of our lives will change and this would prove more beneficial if we learn to avoid risks. Along with all these benefits, AI will also bring much destruction.